Cornered Tiger aims always to champion accessibility, and as such does not wish to have a blanket rejection policy regarding your sharing and or submission of unsolicited materials with us.

However, please read the following disclaimer carefully:  

**By submitting and or sharing unsolicited materials with us, you acknowledge that your
materials may contain including (but not limited to) elements, concepts, themes, storylines, characters and formats similar or even identical to those within material(s) independently developed and/or conceived by Cornered Tiger Ltd, its consultants, subcontractors, employees or authorised third parties (Cornered Tiger Materials). The Cornered Tiger Materials may already be developed, currently be in development, be developed in the future. By sharing and or submitting your materials with us, you acknowledge that you will have no right, recourse, or remedy whatsoever against Cornered Tiger for any similarity between your materials and the Cornered Tiger Materials.**

By sharing and or submitting your materials with us you agree to the terms of the disclaimer above. Please do not send full scripts, treatments or decks, please just send 1 -2 paragraphs with the outline of your project.

Please send these to: 

Please ensure you include ‘SUBMISSION’ in the subject line. Any ideas received without ‘Submission’ clearly stated in the subject line will be disregarded. Thank you for accommodating this request.